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Research Activities
Field Survey on Waste (Resources) Manegement
to Nova Scotia, Canada
Policy Making & Planning
As an Environmental Planner, ERI is making an effort to establish appropriate environmental policies through accurate forecasting, analysis and evaluation of data and information. We have been accumulating satisfactory results through contract research projects with the National Government, such as Ministry of Environment, and many Local and Municipal Governments. In these projects, we help establish Environmental Management Plans (long term comprehensive plan of national and municipal levels) or Guidelines and variou environmental policy making of the administration sectors.

Environmental Survey, Forecasting and Evaluation
Environmental Impact Assessment is the major decision making procedure for various development projets. ERI has been accumlating vast experiences of environmental survey, forecasting and evaluation for the environmental impact assessment in Japan, supported by sophisticated enviromental information system originally developed by ERI.The major target development projects are such as urban development, highway construction, waste incineration plant site selection and so on. In addition to those development prjects, the accidents such as a strand of tanker or local wars. Our clients are not only the proponents of the development plans, but also the local citizens to be affected by the projects. Especially for the assesment of the air pollution from the stacks of incineration plants, our special 3 dimensional air dispersion modeling is to be applied for more detail and accurate analysis of impact from the emission sources.
Development of Environmental Information Systems
ERI's Original Computer Software products are powerful tools for effective environmental administration as well as local citizens and NGOs. These systems are applicable not only to Environmental Impact Assessments but also to various administrative public relations projects. Personal computer aided environmental information systems are useful to promote public understanding and participation in environmental policy making processes. Good information systems are indispensable to keep people aware of environmental issues.
ERI is now developing the advanced network information service systems to provide the established function of the ERI's original softwares through web sites from all over the world.This will be quite helpful for environmental education in universities, NGOs and private industries.

Original Software Series

Air Pollution Simulation System for Stationary Sources (SUPER AIR)
Air Pollution Simulation System for Mobile Sources (SUPER HIWAY)

Noise Pollution & Vibration Simulation System for Stationary and Mobile Sources [SUPER NOISE (P)(H)(A), SUPER VIB (P)(H)]

Water Pollution & Tide Simulation System for River, Lake and Bay (SUPER WATER , SUPER TIDE)

Mesh Analysis and Map System for City Planning and Civil Engineering (SUPER MESH, SUPER MAP) 

Chemical Substances Analysis and Reserach
ERI has been playing an important role as chemical substance analysis under partnership with Maxxam Analytics Inc (Ontario, Canada). ERI has been providing high quality and reasonable price in toxic substance like Dioxines/Furans, PCBs, heavy metals, PAHs and other classical toxics. The target matrices are wide varaieties such as soil, environmental water, discharge water, leakage, plants, tissues, pesticides and industrial products.

New Laboratory of Maxxam Analytics Inc. Ontario Canada

Our Research Papers on Ambient Air Dioxin presented at
International Symposium on
Halogenated Environmental Organic Pollutants and POPs

Independent Research Activities
ERI has been playing an important role as an independent NGO Research Institute through presentations and advice based on voluntary research projects.
- Development of Alternative Energy Technologies.
- Prediction of Automobile Exhaust Gas (CO2) in the Greater Tokyo Area.
- Defects of Environmental Consideration in the process of implementing Official Development Assistance(ODA).
- Impact of the Gulf War on the Global Environment.
- Environmental Consideration of Business Sectors in Japan.
- Impact Assessment of the tanker strand accidents happend in Japan Sea  (the case of Nahotka) and in Tokyo Bay (the case of Diamond Grace). 
- Accumurative and area-wide environmental impact assessment of waste incineration plants in Tokorozawa Region.
-Risk Assessment and communication on Dioxin Pollution with local residents in Tokorozawa, Hinode, Ryugasaki so on focusing on the incineration plants  and also the final disposal site.
-Ambient air dioxin concentration level analysis by using pine needle as an effective bio monitor.
-Analysis of heavy metals dispersion from the waste incineration plants in urban areas.
-Analysis of mussel shells dioxin concentration to evaluate the pollution levels of Japanese costal areas.

International Cooperation
ERI promotes international cooperation to solve various environmental problems with advanced environmental information analysis technologies and talented specialists that assist in environmental policy making.

Promotion of Environmental Education

Establishment of "Ecological Soundness" and "Sustainable Development"is the world's top priority concern for the new century. ERI promotes effective environmental education through research projects and original computer software applicable to school children's education and also to the training of administrative staff of environmental departments as well as NGOs.

Japanese Incineration
Forcused Waste Manegement
and Citizen Involvment

Presentation by T.Aoyama and K.Ikeda
at East Coast Environmental Conference
in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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