This is Environmental Research Institute

  •  ERI is a small but outstanding think tank in Japan,established in 1986 by Teiichi AOYAMA and Komichi IKEDA. They were the colleagues of their former work, the Club of Rome for few years. At present, the members of ERI group (Tokyo and Osaka) are almost 10 including executives and researchers. All of them are well trained specialists of various fields such as computer modeling, physics, telecomputing, policy planning and chemical analysis.
  •  The most important stand point of ERI as a tink tank is to be totally independent from all sectors of the society. This will be the base of ERI to realize the social justice and the rights for our clients.
  •  ERI's research activities are fully supported by the original computer softwares and telecomputing network systems developed by ourselves. More than 20 original softwares concerning environmental forecasting and analysis have been developed during these 20 years and provided to the government sectors and also to the private sectors to support their decision making and planning. Today, ERI is planning to develop the new information service by using internet systems for citizen group and NGOs, to be able to utilize highly sophisticated softwares with easy interfaces of the web functions.
  •  Most of the people would think that ERI itself is an NGO. However, ERI is a private owned corporation invested by Teiichi AOYAMA, the Director of ERI Tokyo and Komichi IKEDA, the Deputy Director of ERI Tokyo. ERI Osaka is invested and owned by Yukio Onishi, the Director. This is our policy to manage our organizaition based on this independent private company systems. This management system will economically support ERI's activities as one of the strong NGOs in Japan.
  •  We, the executives have no idea to make ERI as a big organization or think tank. We would like to make effor to be a reliable think tank and an advocater for those suffered from various environmental problems in the world. And also we will provide our skill and knowledge for young generations through education in universities or in social educational programs to establish more environmental sound and sustainable society in future.