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Khyber Pass
Its Meanig of World history

 In relation to US Army movement to Afgan

by Teiichi Aoyama
Alternative/Independent Media Today's Column

3 March 2009

 In the near future, President Obama will move the U.S. Army stationed in Iraq to Afghanistan.

 The doubt has been being put out by the specialist in relation to that. One is the difference of geographical features in Afghan with Iraq.

 Along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan where Bin Laden concealed himself, it is a mountainous region of 4000-5000m excluding Khyber Pass .

 The cargo shipment to Afghan by the land route can do nothing but pass from old by only one Khyber Pass.

 However, it is not possible to come and go easily in this Khyber Pass.

Pakistan side of Khyver Pass
Source:Up the Khyber Pass - Pakistan

 The Khyber Pass and its surrounding is now separated to Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, this region is originally a region where Pashtun people lives a lot. It has played an important role from old as an intersection of the civilization.

 Khyber Pass was an important traffic strategic location where the South Asia world was connected with the central Eurasia world. The altitude is about 1070 meters not so high.

 As for the Khyber Pass, it is an autonomous region, and they are made to reel it to autonomy by the tribal law by the tribe. The law of Pakistan is applied only on the national road here.

Sighn of an autonomous region
Source:Up the Khyber Pass - Pakistan

Gate of an autonomous region
Source:Up the Khyber Pass - Pakistan

 Foreigner's entry to the tribe region is still strongly limited. Special permission is needed to pass over Khyber Pass. Khyber Pass is an unstable politically region, and the permission of the street doesn't descend in the depends.

 The location of Khyber Pass is on the northwest end in Pakistan as shown in the map below, and is closed to Peshawar of Pakistan.

Location of Khyber Pass  Source:Wikipedia

 Khyber Pass is in the region enclosed by Himalayas, a Suleiman mountain range, and large Indian desert, etc. , and the invasion from the outside is not easy.

 Therefore, Khyber Pass was very few invasion roads to which it came and went from ancient times in Afghan and Pakistan. It arrives at Jalalabad in Afghanistan when Khyber Pass is exceeded as understood in the map. Jajarabad is near Kabul.

 Khyber Pass was exceeded in about 1500 before the origin and the Aryan invaded the Panjab provinces. This Khyber Pass plays an important role as an avenue of trade going from the so-called Silk Road south and toward India.

Present Khyber Pass Source; Silk Road 50 selection by NHK Broadcat

 Therefore, various power that started obtaining rights of the trade kept contending over around this ground. It is said that it was originated by power that making of India to Islam invades from this Khyber route.

 Remnants at the Timur morning who received Uzbek's invasion and ruined invaded India in the 16th first half of the century, and Mughal Empire was founded. In that case, Uzbek is using this Khyber Pass.

 In addition, it is though Britain that had tried to expand the influence even to Afghanistan fought over this ground against Afghan as a battlefield in the 19th first half of the century. (the first Afghan war) Highway..line..partially.

 In 1880, Britain made Afghanistan a virtual protectorate through Second Afgan War in 1880. Britain maintains transport links of Khyber Pass, and Khyber Pass is a part of the first in Asian Highway line now.

Geographical features in Afghan (Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazare Sharif etc) Source:CNN

Along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan where Bin Laden concealed himself, it is a mountainous region of 4000-5000m

to be continued