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Welcome to our site Blog:
Meeting Animal Lovers of
Teiichi Aoyama

Welcome to our site
"Blog: Meeting Animal Lovers of DOGS AND CATS "
Teiichi Aoyama

My name is Teiichi Aoyama, a Professor of Musashi Institute of Technology.

We are always discussing about coexistence between people and animals such as dogs and cats through the mailing-list of the "Forum on Environment Administration Reform" I'd like to introduce our discussion and activities on this website from now on.

A cheetah, I've taken of a large poster of the cheetah at the shop of the National Geographic at Halifax International Airport. Nova Scotia, Canada, where I often visit. We should learn many things from the cheetah who lives a solitary life.

A baby cheetah, one of the leading character of the film "DUMA", I have seen this movie on my trip to Vienna by B777, Austrian Airlines. The word "DUMA" means "cheetah" in Swahili language.At my seminar in the University, I let my students watch this movie and write reports.

The outline of the story is that the baby cheetah, strayed from its mother, begins to live with a young boy in South Africa, and ends up going back to the wild. His face already looks matured.

Here's my cat named Mari. Initially it was stray cat. This photo is taken many years ago, now she is 19 years. The cat is older than 90 years old if it is compared to a human being. My mother is 94, they are competing in their age.(LOL)

Here is a cat named Chori, which Ms Komichi Ikeda my colleague used to live with for 19 years until it passed away. Although it used to be a stray cat, it seems very noble!. The other Komichi's cat named Uri, lived 18 years.

There is the "Law on the Protection and Control of Animals." in Japan. But despite the meaning of "Protection and Control", the truth is that dogs and cats are collected and just killed by officials of local governments under this law, which absolutely does not deserve the name "protection."

Of course irresponsible owners and breeders selling cats and dogs purebred only for making profits have the major faults in this problem.

I think we should have our eye on this deceptive "Administrative Protection of Animal", which spends enormous taxes and public funds on collecting and detaining stray dogs and cats and kill then without making efforts on finding new owners.

When Ms Komichi Ikeda and I were members of the Commission of the Environment of Nagano Prefecture, we pointed out the contradicotion of wild animal protection and "management" by killing them hundreds in each year.

I believe the Administrative Protection of Nature is absolutely needless, if they only capture and kill the animals to solve the problem of their increase.

The purpose of this blog is putting in public what we act, discuss and propose policies about the welfare of dogs, cats, bears and other animals as well as accusing relevant crimes, in order to save victim animals persecuted by govermental administration, business and irresponsible indivisuals.